Welcome to Luminarist.com, home of visual and performance artist, Aleksandar Lazic.

Aleksandar is multi-media artist based in Melbourne (Australia) and works predominantly with light and movement in response to music.

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Artist’s Statement
Dance, music and light have always been the main driving forces behind my work. Music provides an emotional landscape from which movement is born, and light captures this movement.


I’ve always dreamt of painting music, and with light this dream has become possible.

When I first attempted to paint music I used painting as a medium, creating multi-layered calligraphy-like strokes on canvas or paper that captured my dance movements. As the expression of movement was limited to only a two dimensional plane, the two dimensional surface of the canvas restricted the freedom of movement. I was not happy with the end result, as a single layer of recorded dance movements made paintings seem too simplistic and unfinished, while multi-layering tended to bury what has gone before – that might have been worth keeping. This restriction of movement to a flat surface robbed it of its freedom. I wanted to dance on canvas as dancers do through space.

So I thought, how do I paint in three dimensions?

Light came to mind.

Once I started to use light to track my dance movement through time and space I really began to paint music and see my response to it in three dimensions, all thanks to long exposure photography. Long exposure photography allowed me to capture my dances within a 3 dimensional space on 2 dimensions without losing the record of what has gone before. Movement was no longer restricted by surface and I was able to come closer to capturing music, with time as its only limitation.

Now my work encompasses a number of mediums from video and live performance, to photography and digital artwork. For ease of understanding my body of work, I have divided it in three categories: Art Performance, Light Art, and Music Paintings.

Music Paintings
Music Paintings is a collection of photographs and performances where music is the main driving force behind image.


These works may or may not feature the performer but they always feature light, and music is used to drive movement behind for image creation. The resulting images are often post-processed to help create a specific atmosphere, or to enhance the style and clarity of each image and help better represent the music used to create the image.

Light Art
As the name suggests this entire collection of photography and digital artwork is made with light.


Music is not the central driving force behind these works and the performer may or may not be visible. Two types of works are produced with light: light paintings and digital artwork.

Light paintings are created using a variety of light sources; LEDs, light bulbs or even a computer screen. Most light paintings are created in one breath with minimum post-production required. Time restriction plays an important part in this collection as it drives image dynamics, spontaneity, and creativity within these works.

Digital Artwork is created out of light paintings and is used in product and merchandise creation. Please check what is available by visiting my STORE.

Art Performance
Live and reordered Art Performances by Luminarist make this collection. 


This collection of works contains light and sound experiments, light dance performances, poetry readings and other miscellaneous video works.

I’ve always dreamt of painting music, and with light this dream has became possible. Each painting a song, each song a painting. Light the connector, artist the conductor.